• 新焦点的光安装问题

     What differentiates a New Focus optical mount from others on the market today?今天有什么区别光学安装一个新的焦点从市场上的其他?

    We designed our optical mounts to provide precision adjustments that will really stay put.我们设计的光学坐骑提供精确的调整,这将真正留在原地。 In addition to using thicker frames and stiffer springs for stability, all our mounts are based on a true kinematic design-that is, there is precisely one constraint or actuator for each independent degree of freedom.除了使用较厚的框架和更硬的弹簧的稳定性,我们所有的坐骑都基于一个真实的运动设计,恰恰是一个约束或执行器为每个独立的自由度。 To provide even more precision and durability, we use sapphire seats; these ensure that repetitive adjustments do not leave tracks which could make positioning non-kinematic, and therefore non-deterministic and imprecise.为了提供更高的精度和耐用性,我们使用蓝宝石席位;,确保重复调整不会离开轨道,这可能使定位不运动,因此,不确定性和不准确的。 Then, to make mounts with exceptional long-term stability, we minimize slop in the screws themselves.然后,为了使安装与卓越的长期稳定性,我们尽量减少污的螺钉。 For this, we developed a proprietary screw-assembly process with very tight tolerances to achieve the smooth feel in our screws.为此,我们开发了一种专用螺丝组装过程中实现了流畅的感觉,在我们的螺丝有非常​​严格的公差。 We limit the amount of grease in our actuators because large amounts of grease would cause the threads to migrate over time and from temperature variations, leading to long-term creep.我们在我们的执行器上的油脂量限制的,因为大量的油脂会导致线程迁移随着时间的推移和温度变化,导致长期蠕变。 The result is a mount with very smooth movement and high precision as well as exceptional long- term and thermal stability.其结果是安装与运动平稳,精度高,以及卓越的长期稳定性和热稳定性。 Just compare one of our screws with one from another company; you'll notice the difference right away.只要比较我们的螺丝,从另一家公司之一,你会注意到其中的差别。 Also, try the "snap" test with one of our mounts in your lab.此外,“啪”的测试,在实验室中,我们的坐骑之一。 Put the mount in an interferometer and "snap" the mount joints by separating them a short distance and letting them snap back (to prevent damaging the sapphire seats, be careful not to stretch the joints too far).将干涉仪安装在分离很短的距离,让他们弹回(防止损坏蓝宝石座位,要小心,不要伸展关节太远,),“啪”的一声贴装焊点。 This will give you an indication of the quality of the construction of the mount.这会给你一个指示的安装施工的质量。 With the sapphire seats, thicker frames, and stiffer springs, our mounts will return to the same starting position.蓝宝石座椅,较厚的帧,和更硬的弹簧,我们的坐骑将返回到相同的起始位置。

    How much angular adjustment do the mirror mounts have?如何多角度调整镜座有哪些?

    All of our mirror mounts ( Standard and Pint-Sized Mirror Mounts and Miniature Mirror and Platform Mounts ) have ± 4 degrees of maximum angular adjustment, except for the Model 9774 and Model 9775 mounts, which have ± 2 degrees of maximum angular adjustment.我们所有的镜座( 标准品脱大小的镜座微型镜子和平台底座 )±4度的最大角度调整,除了标准9774和9775架,其中有±2度的最大角度调整。

    What's the repeatability of the Model 9897 Flip-Up filter holder?什么型号9897的翻盖式过滤器支架的可重复性吗?


    The 9897 Flip-Up filter holder has a repeatability specification of ± 0.005 inches in the down position. 9897翻盖式过滤器支架具有可重复性±0.005英寸规格的靠下的位置。

    What's the best way to maximize the Flipper's repeatability?什么是最好的方式最大限度地翻转的重复性?

    1. 1。 Flip gently.翻转轻轻地。 In our tests, the Flippers perform better when flipped carefully rather than allowing them to make a snapping noise.在我们的测试中,炒房者有更好的表现,而不是使他们能够捕捉噪声时,翻转仔细。 This is largely due to the fact that one adjustment screw will deform over time when it snaps against the base.这在很大程度上是由于一个事实,即一个调节螺钉将随着时间的推移发生变形时,其卡对碱。
    2. 2。 Make sure the sapphire seat isn't damaged.确保蓝宝石座椅不被损坏。 Inspect the sapphire seat in the base of the Flipper.检查蓝宝石座椅的翻转器在基座。 This is a clear disk that supports the adjustment screw in the "arm".这是一个明显的磁盘,支持在“手臂”的调整螺钉。 If the sapphire is damaged, cracked, or broken, return the mount and we can replace the damaged seat.蓝宝石损坏,破裂,或破裂,返回安装,我们可以更换损坏的座椅。
    3. 3。 Make sure the optic is secure.确保光纤是安全的。 We recommend using an epoxy if the optic is not going to be changed.我们建议用环氧树脂的光学元件不会被改变。
    4. 4。 Make sure the Flipper is securely mounted.确保安装牢固的起落。 Sometimes when the Flipper is mounted on a pedestal, the flipping motion can cause the pedestal to rotate a little each time it flips.有时,当翻转器被安装在一个基座上,翻转运动可以导致基座稍微旋转每次它翻转。 Use a threadlocker or epoxy to secure the Flipper to the pedestal, then you can also use an epoxy to secure the pedestal to the optical table in addition to a holding fork.使用螺纹或环氧树脂,以确保翻转的基座,那么你也可以用环氧树脂固定在底座的光学平台,除了控股叉。

    Post and Pedestal Questions邮政和底座问题

    How does the stability of a post compare to that of a pedestal?如何后的稳定性比较的基座?

    These two mounting systems will perform differently in your experiment because they react differently to forces such as vibrations or the force of your hand when making adjustments.这两个安装系统,执行不同的实验,因为他们有不同的反应力量,如振动或你的手的力量进行调整时。 These forces create movement of your optical elements, which can affect your experiment.这些力量创造运动的光学元件,这会影响您的实验。 For example, the motions of the mirrors that make up its cavity often determine the frequency noise in a laser.例如,运动弥补其腔的镜子往往决定了在激光的频率噪声。 This motion is also apparent during alignment of your optical system.这项议案是在对准你的光学系统也很明显。 The amount of motion caused by your hand during alignment is determined by the stiffness of the post or pedestal.对齐过程中发生的运动所造成的你的手后或底座的刚度。

    For example, we designed our post holders with a lockable cam lever that distributes a large force evenly against the post.例如,我们设计了一个可上锁的的凸轮控制杆,后分配一个大的受力均匀,对我们的后持有人。 When locked, the post and post holder are nearly as solid as one piece.当处于锁定状态时,职位和职人员近坚实的一块。 This gives you much better stability than conventional post holders that only lock with a screw.这为您提供了更好的稳定性比传统的后只用螺丝锁定的持有人。 However, even this may not be stable enough for all applications.然而,即使这可能不是足够稳定的所有应用程序。 To test which provided more stability, we compared the deflection of a post versus a pedestal.为测试提供了更多的稳定性,我们比较后与基座的偏转。 In our experiment, the pedestal system showed much less deflection for a given force due to its larger diameter and increased stiffness.在我们的实验中,该基座系统显示偏转由于其较大的直径和刚度增加,对于给定的力小得多。 A stiff mounting system will also perform better when excited by acoustic vibrations.僵硬的安装系统也将有更好的表现时,兴奋的声音振动。

    How to maximize your stability?如何最大限度地发挥你的稳定?

    The way you mount your optics can make the difference between a stable setup and one that suffers from vibrations.你进行光学的方式,可以使一个稳定的设置和一个患有振动之间的区别。 When building a setup, be sure to minimize beam height, use fewer parts (for instance, use a single post or pedestal rather than stacking them), and use parts made of thick, stiff material such as steel.当建立一个设置,可以肯定,以减少梁的高度,使用更少的部件(例如,使用一个单一的邮寄或基座,而不是堆叠它们),并使用厚,硬质材料,如钢制成的零件。 We offer two different mounting systems for your experiments-posts with post holders and pedestal risers.我们提供两种不同的实验柱与后支架和基座立管安装系统。 Posts with post holders are the more conventional alternative and are particularly convenient because they offer continuous height adjustment.帖子后持有的是更传统的方法,是特别方便,因为他们提供持续的高度调节。 Pedestals, on the other hand, offer significantly more stability because of their 1" diameters, but are available only in fixed heights. For your convenience, they come in a variety of heights and if you need those in-between heights, try our Model 9950 pedestal shim set.另一方面,底座,提供更稳定,因为他们的“直径,但只可在固定的高度。为了您的方便,他们在各种高度,如果你需要在两者之间的高度,尝试我们的模型9950底座垫片组。

    Screw Questions螺杆问题

    How do I install the precision 80-pitch screw and nut sets?我该如何安装的精密间距为80-螺钉和螺母套?

    New Focus precision 80-pitch nuts are designed for easy installation in your equipment.新焦点精密间距为80的坚果的设计,方便安装在您的设备。 Following these guidelines will ensure easy installation and the best results:遵循这些指导原则将确保易于安装和最好的结果:

    1. 1。 We recommend using an adhesive when mounting the nut in a slip-fit hole.我们建议安装螺母时,一溜入孔中使用的粘合剂。 Do not press-fit the nut or it may distort.不要按装螺母或它可能会扭曲。
    2. 2。 It is important to mount the nut such that any axial force is taken up by the mounting range.重要的是要使得任何轴向力是采取了由安装范围将螺母安装。 Axial force should not be carried by the adhesive.轴向力不应该进行的粘合剂。
    3. 3。 We recommend using Loctite 609 Cylindrical Bonder as the adhesive.我们建议您使用乐泰609圆柱焊机的粘合剂。 It is essential that both surfaces be completely free of grease for proper curing of the adhesive.至关重要的是,这两个表面是完全无油脂适当固化粘合剂。 Are the balls used in the adjustment screws hardened?调整螺钉在使用球硬化? Yes, we use a hardened-steel ball bearing made from stainless 440C with a hardness specification 58 Rockwell "c".是的,我们使用了硬化不锈钢球轴承由不锈钢440C硬度规格58洛氏硬度“C”。

    Where can I get a tap for the 1/4-80 and 6-80 screws?我在哪里可以得到一个水龙头1/4-80和6-80螺丝?

    If you need a tap for our 1/4-80 screws and our 6-80 screws, you can get a tap from either of the two companies listed below:如果你需要一个水龙头1/4-80螺钉和6-80螺丝,就可以得到一个水龙头下面列出的两家公司之一:

    Balax Inc.: 262-966-2355 Balax公司:262-966-2355
    Cleveland: 800-474-1283克里夫兰骑士队:800-474-1283

    OEM Version Questions OEM版本的问题

    I need a special mount for a commercial application.我需要一个特殊的安装的商业应用。 Does New Focus offer special products for OEM use?新焦点是否提供OEM使用的特殊产品吗?

    All the products that you see in our catalog (and some that you don't see) are available for commercial original equipment manufacturer (OEM) use.可用于商业原始设备制造商(OEM)使用,你看到的所有的产品在我们的目录(和一些你看不到)。 We work hard to develop partnerships with our commercial customers-from making custom products for a specific application, to simply laser-engraving your company's name or model number on one of our standard products.我们努力发展伙伴关系,与我们的商业客户,从一个特定的应用程序的定制产品,简单的激光雕刻贵公司的名称或型号上我们的标准产品。 Some projects developed specifically for customers have even evolved into catalog products.专门为客户开发的一些项目甚至已经演变成目录的产品。 For example, our low-cost Valu-Mount and high- performance top-actuated mounts are the results of partnerships between New Focus and other companies.例如,我们的成本低价值的安装和高性能的顶级驱动的安装的新焦点和其他公司之间的合作伙伴关系的结果。

    Still, most of the work we do for our OEM partners never shows up in the catalog.尽管如此,大多数为我们的OEM合作伙伴,我们的工作永远不会出现在目录中。 For instance, we've developed a proprietary process for bonding optics to mirror mounts that minimizes wavefront distortion, added dowel-pin holes and pre-aligned optics for drop-in operation, customized our 4-axis aligners, and custom-labeled products with our customers' names to meet the needs of a variety of customers.例如,我们已经开发了一种专用的粘接光学镜座,最大限度地减少波前畸变的过程,增加了暗销销孔和预准直光学下降操作,自定义的4轴对准,和定制标签的产品我们的客户的姓名,以满足各种客户的需求。